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Attorney Question: I have R.I. in wells in Crane County Texas in the Barnsley Unit. A company in Farmington NM has 100% of the working interest in these wells. When they obtained 100% working interest they said that I had a 0.000024 mineral interest. That was incorrect as I have a .00088940 mineral interest. I have a letter stating that .00088940 is the correct mineral interest from the New Mexico production company. The company has sent one small check and I think there is more coming to me. I had an attorney in Texas send a "demand letter" to which there was no response. Should I file small claim court in Texas or New Mexico. Or should I speak with an attorney in Texas or New Mexico. Thank you.

I’m a Landman. If you have the deed and lease or instrument setting out your lease royalty this should be sufficient if there is any question. I would call them and get the information they used to arrive at that net revenue interest.

Interesting that there was no response to demand letter. Did anyone ever try phone contact?

Thank you for your response. I do have an letter from them saying that I do own 0.00088940 interest. They have admitted they were were wrong. I’m not getting any answers from them. And I have tried the demand letter.

For a demand letter to have a chance of working, there must be a stick attached to the demand. Such as: "Failure to comply with the lease terms will force us to protect and defend our rights through all means necessary." or words to that effect. And mean them.

Buddy Cotten

Texas is the locale of the appropriate suit.