Attorney in Stillwater, Ok

My Brother died recently and the lease of mineral rights through White Star were only in his name, so his son and wife have ask me to help them get there names on the minerals and of course they will need an attorney to accomplish this. We used Guy Clark in Ponca City for a few things, but he has retired, anyone know of a good attorney that is trustworthy and could help with this matter in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on at least Payne County, Thank you in advance for the help. Bob

@Bob_Clary we provide a list of attorneys on our Mineral Services Directory page in the uppermost blue bar toward the right side of your page. You’ll need one licensed in your state of need.

I realize that you have a list of attorney’s, I can see them in the Stillwater Phone Book, but was hoping that maybe some of the members might have had dealings with one or two and could give me a hint on which one is maybe a nice fit for what we need. Not all attorneys are ideal to work with if you get my drift.

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You are likely looking at a summary probate. These are often handled by an attorney via mail without the need for a family member to travel to Oklahoma or attend court hearings.