Attorney for Montague /Wise Counties?

A while back someone suggested Gary Underwood but his number is no longer in service. Anyone know someone good or have any opinions about John Lively? He now has the number that used to belong to Gary Underwood.

Here's the problem. I need to pay taxes and I can't get Montague/Wise Counties to issue a correct bill based on my royalty percentage in my name. All the bills I have are incorrect. Carol Hampton with Pritchard and Abbott agrees with me but no one will fix the problem. Now I am being threatened with foreclosure/liens by another firm called Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson. I want to pay my taxes and I have the money to pay. The bills are wrong.

Greg Underwood has moved his office to Montague. Information should give you his new number.

Don't ever give up! It took me literally years but I finally believe the taxes are straightened out and paid. I can't believe it was so hard to get people to understand what *I* owned.