Attorney for Lease Review

Live out of state. Looking for an oil/gas attorney who addresses lease owner issues. Would like to have a proposed oil and gas lease reviewed.

Riverbend Minerals and Mustang Fuel have my mineral rights leased. I talked with a representative from Mustang Fuel today. He informed me that Casillas Petroleum has installed spuds and are in the process of building horizontal well units in both of the tracts I have mineral holdings in. Because Casillas Petroleum put in the work on both tracts, back in November of 2017 before my leases expired, there is no need to negotiate a new lease.

Thank you, Peter. That is useful information.

Possible source of references:

I have had good service from

David R. Gleason

Moricoli Kellogg & Gleason pc

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Telephone: 405-235-3357

Just for clarification on these replies are the individuals and companies Landmen or attorney’s?

The two proposed leases have been submitted by landmen.

Thank you, Emma.