Attorney fees taken from royalty payments


Has anyone ever had attorney fees for Determination of Heirs and/or Stipulations of Interest deducted from royalty payments? I can’t believe that Newfield would deduct money from me and send it to a private attorney, the owner representative wasn’t sure so I sent an email and am awaiting a reply.

I would think they would need some kind of authorization to do that…but can an attorney put a lien on royalty payments?

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That sucks. My rights are also there. Years after mom passed, landman contacted me. Are you carol? Is your mom @&$?!!? Yes, who are you and what do you want. Oh, thank god.i have been trying to find you. He did the work. Why would anyone pay a lawyer? Sounds like bull to me. I believe a site will tell you who owns what. Don’t know what it is. It’s out there. Good luck.


Well, they haven’t taken any attorney fees out yet, I’m trying to confirm that’s a normal process. The attorney is needed to do a Stipulation of Interest. I’m trying to understand what the process is and get an idea of what a lawyer would charge.

Obviously my sibling telling everyone the attorney fees come out of the royalty payments is not true since I finally heard back from Newfield today.


Newfield just sold everything off in our area, I do believe. To a Canadian company. En … Something. May want to look it up. Newfield called you back? That’s like getting a call from Santa. Oil companies don’t call back. Nice of them . Hope you got some answers. As for your sibling? Show me the paperwork. It’s you money too. Make them accountable for their words.