Attempt to Contact Sunoco Partners about uncliamed minerals

I’m Elyse Rouzan (formerly Elyse Davis) and I am attempting to contact Sunoco Partners Mktg & Terminal LP regarding unclaimed property, specifically mineral royalties noted for 2016 and any other years before and after that date related to the estate of Dan Bostick.

I can send the property ID # when requested. That is the only information that I have at this time regarding the mineral rights. Please let me know what the next steps are that I need to take in order to claim this property. Additionally, there are other family members who will also need to make claims.

Depending upon the location of the mineral rights, Sunoco may not be the correct company to contact. They were a transmission company and not the operator in many locations. They have passed responsibility over the years. You need to find the operator. Do you know what state and county and the abstract or the section, township and range?

Brookshire, Texas/Waller County. Estate of Dan Bostick. That’s all of the information that I have at this time. Thank you for responding.

You should also do an unclaimed property search in the state that Dan Bostick resided in, Texas or otherwise, to see if funds may be there.

You might also hunt on or or or other online Texas lease sites to see if you can find Dan Bostick in any of their lease records. You will have to show proof of ownership to collect any back royalties.

I have done that and there is $54.00 unclaimed. Elyse Rouzan

You will have to go through the Texas Comptroller’s office if that is where you found it. They will require proof of heirship as they have to be careful about the distribution of funds to the correct heirs.

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