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60 MMCF/day!

2009 AAPG session on Atoka Formation

Pioneer Natural Resources’ plans for Atoka Shale, Strawn, and Mississippian formations

The Atoka requires fracing with CO2 in lieu of water, and that is a good thing - given the drought and all.

USGS Article - FYI

Assessment of remaining recoverable oil in selected major oil fields of the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico

Market Watch Press Release from Pioneer Natural Resources' Q1 Press Release

FYI - It has several mentions of the Atoka Shale and expected EURs, etc. and their target goals.

Schlumberger technical paper on Atoka Shale sand proppant solutions

FYI - This makes production from the Atoka Shale more feasible.

Take on Sandridge Article by Michael Filloon of - FYI

This is a great article - I strongly recommend it! Neat info on strategy for production of oil and better handling fluids related to fracking is just neat stuff!!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Pioneer Natural Resource's Q2 results - FYI



FYI - It appears that Chesapeake Energy may have sold their producing interests in the Midland Basin to EnerVest.

"During the 2012 third quarter, Chesapeake expects to enter into agreements to sell three Permian Basin asset packages. A Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) has been signed with affiliates of Houston-based EnerVest, Ltd. for the company’s producing assets in the Midland Basin portion of the Permian Basin. Bids have also been received and accepted on two other packages in the Delaware Basin portion of the Permian Basin. Chesapeake is currently negotiating PSAs for the two Delaware Basin packages with the goal of entering into PSAs in the next 30 days and closing the transactions in the 2012 third quarter. Negotiations for the sale of substantially all of Chesapeake’s remaining midstream assets are also underway with GIP, which has an exclusive offer right until August 13, 2012. Chesapeake also expects to close various other asset sales during the 2012 third quarter."
A Form 8-K regarding Chesapeake Energy has been filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Great info !!! Thanks.

FYI - Chesapeake keeping undeveloped, non producing acreage ~470,000 Net Mineral Acres in Midland Basin for either selling or developing later. Hopefully this is good news.



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