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Anyone been offered leases lately?

The last leases that I had in Atoka County expired in March 2011 and have not had any inquiries since.

do you remember what you leased them for? my mother just inherited some in 2S-12E and we are trying to value them?

We just received an offer to re-up a lease from CastleRock Resources in 1N-13E. Back in 2010, they offered $600/ac and 1/4, now they're only offering $302/ac and 1/4.

I and my brothers and sisters have minerals in 1 S 11 E and when things were active here We were able to lease them for $500 and 3/16 for three years inspite of the fact they are under neath Atoka Lake. But the lease expired a couple years ago and have heard nothing since. We are interested in releasing but as far as woodford shale is going most of the activity is in Grady County

I was discussing with my brother about the current inactivity here in Atoka County. We are not interested in selling our mineral acres at all but I decided to just see what value they are placing on some of these minerals here. The buyers are placing ads in the Atoka County Times every week. I gave one of them a call and they expressed an interest in purchasing our Minerals. Later he called me back and offered $200.00

per acre. I mentioned I have some kinfolks in Grady Co. that were offered $5500.00 per acre for their minerals. Oh, he said that is a lot of difference between these two counties. I replied it is the same Woodford Shale, the same thickness and same depth. I said the real difference is the activity is hot there as it used to be here, and some day our children may again experience those conditions here.

St. Mary Land & Expl wanting to renew lease in 1N 12E. @$300/ac, 3/16, 5yr. They are wanting to maintain their leaseholds in Atoka Cty until the price of gas comes back up. If they're wanting 5 yrs, doesn't sound like they're very confident in the next three.

I have 10 acres in Atoka County;

S/2 S/2 & NW/4 SE/4 & W/2 NE/4 SE/4 of Section 14 & All of Section 11. Township 3 South, Range 10 West
Curious is that would be worth anything? I had an offer to sell, but I think it was too low. Can someone give me some advise?

I have a lease offer from a land man covering several range and townships for $200, 3/16, 3 year and a 3 year option at end of lease. Any other leasing activity out there?

I'm interested in any activity in Section 16 2S 12E on behalf of my mother. I'm usually on the Grady County board...not encouraged by the lack of active discussion here. Any activity?

Holly Nester...there has been no recent activity in Sec. 16 or the surrounding sections that I can find.

Thanks Don. I guess there is no harm in my mom signing a new lease. But, there is no activity to support any negotiating tactics either. It is a low number in the 200-300 range.

Has there been any recent activity in Atoka County?

Only 1 permit to drill has been issued for this year.

I couldn't find any well completions for this year.

SEC 34 2N12E Received a recent offer from Armer Quillen @ 300/ac. Any ideas if there is other activity here?

Some leasing being attempted by Jess Harris III (agent for Bravo-Arkoma Tulsa). Lame offers of $75 to $100, 3 + 2 yr option, royalty 3/16 or less.

1N-11E Sec 7 and others, and 2N-11E Coal Co. drilling horz. 2 sec. units. DB GLASS

New Offer from Jeff Harris III on our Atoka County Minerals at Sec 15-2N-12E. 1. $300. NMA 3 years, 1/8th Royalty or

2. $250. NMA, 3 years, 3/16th Royalty. Both paid up rental. Anyone getting offers in Atoka County? Comments on this one?? Thanks for any input.

Also received an offer from Jess Harris for Sec 27-2N-12E same offer as below (Barbara) Is there any other activity in Atoka or any reason not to sign the lease?

I heard there were over 100 leases filed recently by a landman in Atoka County. Don't have legal description or any other info.