Atoka County and Boomerang

Hi everyone, my mother was contacted by "Boomerang Land" in 2014 about some land in Atoka County: "17-2S-9E, owning 20 net mineral acres in N/2 NW/4." She passed away and I'm trying to find out what happened, but see that Boomerang seems to be out of business. As far as I know, no lease was ever negotiated or signed, but since they did contact my mom about leasing, I thought it was worth following up. Does anyone know what I should do or is there a different company/landman who might know about that area? Thank you!

KW, Since 1/1/2014, only 2 completions have been filed in the entire county. At the end of 2016, Newfield and BP filed a few applications with the OCC, however I see no orders issued thus far. I was surprised when the company I work for received an offer to lease, but we own in 8-1N-12E which is northeast of your mother's minerals. As far as what you can do now, make sure the proper documents are filed of record to pass title from your mother to her heirs so if someone does want to lease the interest, they know who to contact. I suggest contacting an attorney if you need help with that process. If you want to send me your mother's name. I can check the county to see if she was leased. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Katy - Do you know if anyone is leasing in the following areas in Atoka County, OK

Section 9, Township 2S, Range 9E - 55 net acres
Section 10, Township 2S, Range 9E - 72.50 net acres
Section 15, Township 2S, Range 9E - 5 net acres