Arroyo Offer to purchase

Anyone else get an offer from Arroyo for W/2 Sec 29, 21S, 27E? I heard a few years back they wanted to drill under the city. There is an old La Huerta well there I believe. Any insight?

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I got a letter from Arroyo for my late fathers mineral rights in La Huerta.

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Wonder what going on? Drilling maybe?

I’m not sure, I don’t live in Carlsbad anymore. I’m have a friend check around and see what is going on. I remember a while back there was talk of a directional well drilling under the La Huerta area. Maybe they found an oil pocket.

I hope so! Its only 2 acres though.

Mine is 2.5 Acres. They offered me $20k.

They offered us like 19. They will go a little higher than there offer to you I bet. You have a half acre more.

Remember that horizontals have a larger spacing allotment and you may be looking at additional infill wells down the road. Most buy offers that I have received have been lower than the actual royalties that I received by hanging onto my acres.


Mewbourne and Devon drilling pretty good wells in eastern 21s27e.

Mewbourne had a pooling hearing in Feb '24 for Elysian Fields wells in Sec 29/30 (case 24275&24276), so that coupled with extrapolating the good results to the east out into western 21s27e means its worth a shot to try to buy minerals there prior to drilling.

Prolly should get more than $

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