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I left off info. I am Jack Tucker. 865-357-1398

Please contact me if you haveinfo. Thanks very much.

I welcome your input as this is all new to me being on this Forum. I hope someone wants to lease the land. My uncle told me that years ago there was thousands of acres in Perry County leased by a co. They found natural gas, but not enough to justify drilling, etc. I have not heard of any interest in it since then. Jack Tucker Phone # 865-357-1398

that looks like Arkansas river valley. are you closer to Saline or Conway county ? To the west, towards Ft Smith there was gas production from a long time ago. Dont know how that area relates to the Fayetteville shale. You can go on the website for the Arkansas Geological Survey and find out some information. They have a good website

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Thanks. Willm plan on that.

jack Tucker

How can I find if there is activity in Perry CT with O & M drilling?

Perry CT AR Anything going on there?

I have mineral and surface rights in Carroll County Ar. AOGR website states there has never been production there. Anyone know why?

@Andy G Grubbs, in Oklahoma, we have a state statute that allows mineral owners to have the minimum payment threshhold on a well lowered to $25.00 or annually at the owner's request. Does Arkansas allow for such a thing, to your knowledge, or do companies have carte blanche to hold revenue until it reaches $100.00? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry, but I do not know what they do on this in Arkansas. I am better on questions about geology in certain areas

Perry County is out of the Play area and is in the deep Ouachita (Wash-A-Taw) basin.

Perry County is unlikely to get any leasing activity until gas prices exceed $10 an MCF, which appears to be a long time away.

Carroll County has no oil or gas except very shallow. That reflects the geology. There is an active aquifer well below the formations that typically produce in the Arkoma basin to the south. Thus at 2,500' depth, the Roubidoux and Gasconade formations are full of fresh water. The granite basement is below that. Migration of oil or gas from the Arkoma does not appear to have happened.

TL thank you for the reply. That is the first reply that makes any sense. Two questions if I may, I have a book regarding Arkansas Minerals written by State Geologist (albeit very old circa 1930) stating that Carrollton Dome produced 1MM MCF of wet gas and that if there was any O&G land that was a dome would be where to look (our land is a dome). Then isn't shallow gas good (re shallow drilling depth)?

Shallow depth means low pressure. Under high pressure, gas becomes a liquid and takes up a lot less space, therefore a reservoir will hold more gas.

The "Carrollton Dome" was used by the old Western Ark. Gas Co. (which spun off the exploration arm as Southwestern Energy (SWN). They pumped a couple billion CF of gas down the hole and thought it might be a good storage field. But it leaked. After a few months it had little pressure but the local chicken farmers were getting gas in their wells and keeping their chickens heated with free gas.

Before I spend money looking for legal advice, I thought maybe you all could send me in the right direction. Out of the blue I received a letter from a “field representative” from Russellville, saying that they are “trying to fulfill title requirement from a SECO title attorney’s title option”. The documents are titled “Stipulation of ownership of mineral interest”. “An erroneous description has appeared throughout many previous tittle documents. It is Parties’ desire to declare, stipulate, acknowledge, and establish of record each of their ownership interest in the mineral estate in Lands above described”. Lots of legal jargon and a form asking me to sign and notarize something. The % of ownership on the paperwork appears to be right on my part, but there are 4 other owners on other lots and detailed acreage descriptions for all of us. I guess I’m looking for advise on if this sounds like something common and what could be the ramifications if I ignore it. I’m not real interested in spending money on an attorney. My mineral rights aren’t even being leased at the moment.

What’s the word about XTO in Cleburne County? My mineral rights are mostly in B-43 field. They just renew the lease each time it runs out. I was told that’s how it was done. I am never contacted about the renewal. Is this normal ? Thank you

If the unit is drilled there is no lease to renew. There are renewals. XTO is probably the worst of the few left in the area. Eventually, they will have to either drill or drop. If producing anything in the unit, they can hold it HBP (held by production)