Are things heating up in Loving County?

Last year I leased 11 acres in block C-25, Section 10 in Loving county. In the last couple of months I have been getting offers to purchase them and the last was for $16,000 an acre. I would never sell any of my minerals but I find it interesting. Looks like maybe they are drilling or getting ready to. Can anyone tell me how I can find out? Any help would be appreciated. My nephew also leased his 11 acres at the same time.


This is likely why you are getting so many offers to purchase your mineral interest:

Section 10 is literally surrounded by horizontal permits and completed horizontal wells. My group owns a very small mineral interest to the south/southwest in Section 26, Block C-26. The data we've collected shows some very impressive well results in the area. It is likely that the $16,000 per net acre price tag is connected to a company speculating similar well results for an eventual horizontal well on Section 10.

Here is the web address to the Railroad Commission of Texas GIS viewer (which is where this screenshot is taken from) :

While the data lags behind a few months, it is an incredibly informative tool for activity in a given area. Hope this helps out a little, and best of luck!

- Hunter

Thanks Hunter. I have actually been learning to use that site and you are right. It's very informative. I found another site where I can get lat. and long. info and then that makes it real easy to find in the GISViewer.

New to Forum. Not sure how things work…but here goes. Have small mineral acreage per Mineral Deed dated Feb. 1931 Northwest 1/4th of Section 11 Block C-24 in G. Brunson Survey. Not sure what will happen. Lots of hyper activity in this part of Permian per many news stories. What might the “market” be in Jan. 2017 for sale of mineral interest in Section 11? Is it a lively play like Section 10? Have rcvd many contacts from law firms to landmen to E&P wanting to Buy…buy…buy!!

John…would it be considered proper for you to contact me about the situation there. I want to remain a member in good standing on this Forum.



Silver Hill Energy Partners has 2 approved permits directly to the north of your Section 10 in Section 9. Well # 33033 was permitted for 13,500' in October 2016 and well 33179 was permitted January 5, 2017 to 13,500'. Silver Hill also has a permit for a well 32981 to begin in Section 2 and go into Section 3 It is permitted for 13,000' These 3 wells are targeting the Wolfcamp formation. Yes,I can see why you have been offered $16,000 per acre. Very good area of Loving county to have minerals.

This Production link is to well 32452 in Section 3:|2=11|3=2015|4=10|5=2016|103=46971|6=O|102=08|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

GIS Map of Loving County Section 10/Block C-25/Abstract 1391 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles