Are these production numbers good?

Just checked the Bowery production numbers in Carter County, Ok. Came online in November…3 months in the well is producing 155300 MCF and 93909 barrels. I have no frame of reference to what is a strong producing well. Thoughts? Thanks.

Best horizontal oil well in Oklahoma, ever.

Todd, part of my decision to hold my minerals here was based on your four words in reply to an earlier thread I started, “It is a monster.” Smiling here. Thanks.

By the way, is Valero working with Continental? I see the production numbers separated with Continental on the natural gas numbers and Valero on the oil numbers. Pooling is all the same, I assume? My royalties are coming from Continental with first payment April 25.

Valero is the purchaser of the oil. Just remember that the first royalty check will be for several months of production and then a month at a time.


Volume Reporting Company Company Number 2022 January 5 155300 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC (Natural Gas) 2022 January 1 93903.29 VALERO MARKETING & SUPPLY COMPANY (Oil) 2021 December 1 97593.84 VALERO MARKETING & SUPPLY COMPANY (Oil) 2021 December 5 97785 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC (NG) 2021 November 5 30996 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC (NG) 2021 November 1 26756.93 VALERO MARKETING & SUPPLY COMPANY (Oil)

Where do you go to get gross production number on a particular well?

Depends upon the state for production numbers.

GoChip- You should start getting paperwork for another 7-10 wells, 4 more Sycamore & 6-7 Woodford wells.

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