Are there Texas Oil Companies whose Division Orders are know to contradict the lease?

I read that Divisions Orders in Texas can be terminated if they contradict the lease. Are there oil companies in Texas that are known to issue Division Orders that cheat royalty owners?

Dear Ms. Webb,

In Texas, Division Orders are valid until rescinded. No reason is necessary.

Division Orders will sometimes conflict with the lease form. Texas does have a statutory division order form that the legislature came up with.

A link to the code is here.

You will notice that the Division Order has in all caps that it does not modify the lease.

Having said all that, are there companies that will cheat you? You bet. I know one whose company policy is to charge for deducts, no matter what the lease says. When you realize it, they give you your money back and a couple of months later, start deducting again, hoping you do not notice. Wow.

Mary Web said:

Can you tell me six Oil Companies in Texas with reputations for cheating royalty owners?

Dear Ms. Web,

I know of only one for sure and two others that are now out of business, from personal experience. I will not disclose the one for sure that is still in business.

Dear Charles,

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