Are There Hall Monitors?

It seems some members may be getting private messages about the frequency or relevance of their postings. Are we limited as to the number of posting we are permitted per day/week/month? Or is there someone judging whether our posts are worthy? If so, I think we need to be informed so we don’t break the rules.

I haven’t had any trouble posting at a very high frequency. I do tend to bounce back and forth from topic to topic, so that may help. Also, there is a slight lag time in computer response if I try to hit reply too quickly after a previous one if I am in the same topic. I think it just needs time to upload before it can handle the next one. There is a little memo in the bottom corner under the typing (edit) box that says either “saved” or “saving”. I wait until the “saving” turns to “saved” before trying the next post. That seems to help. The “saved” goes away after the message has sent.

Great question, @Liz.M! Thanks very much for asking, and what a great place to ask it! (I’m talking to you Reeves County! :wink: EDIT: Ha, and now that I’ve re-visited that topic I’m all the more thankful that you asked here!)

New users are in a low trust level and can post only a limited number of posts per day and can post only a few links. This is largely to make it harder for spammers to post, but also serves to encourage people to read some of what’s here already before posting a bunch of stuff that either doesn’t belong here or has already been answered a zillion times.

Here’s a real-world analogy: When you walk into a party of strangers, it’s best to listen to a few conversations before talking loudly about how much you love/hate a particular sports team/president. Limiting how much new users can post helps them from saying a bunch of stupid stuff that they might regret if they’d just paid a little more attention.

But for a full explanation of trust levels, check this out:

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I completely agree that users should read for awhile and learn protocols on sites before leaping in and posting. Also agree that much information that new users ask for is often already available. And that they should search for it before asking for it. But many people will not do either of these things and usually it’s just easiest to answer their questions.

And anyway, enthusiasm is a very cool thing.

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