Are the Larson wells producing

Are the Larson wells doing anything in Loving, county Texas please? I am new to this and will give you a discription the best I can. Larson 04 TTT B02-wf-201H TX, Loving County 202H 121H 122H 221H 136H I am leasing through Matador Resources. I was thinking of selling my interests and help here would be grateful. Thank you!!! Debby

Larson wells/Loving County /Texas Debbie, these seem to be some fairly decent wells.

Well 136 H…API 301-34891…Lease # 52877 Link to production data

Well # 221H…API 301-34260…Lease # 52877 Link to production data

Well # 122H…API 301-34261…Lease # 50487 Link to production data

Well # 121H…API 301-34259…Lease # 52877 Link to production data

Well # 201H…API 301-33537…Lease # 50487 Link to production data


GIS map of Larson wells:


They are producing. Have been since late 2017 (at least the first one). Not sure what kind of “doing anything” you are looking for. They are making 26,000 bo and 166000 mcf a month combined. I’m assuming if you have interests here you are getting paid and/or should be getting paid by Matador.

Thank you very much! They are still producing and going! Have a great day… still wondering if I should sale??

There is the possibility that more wells can be drilled in that section. How many acres of minerals do you own in that section?..and I assume they are in the Western half of the section…

Yes, they are in the western half. As far as how many acres do I have, it’s a small amount. My royalties come regularly though at about $ 4 to $550 a month so far…not bad for a small amount, I think…As far as the exact amount of land, I will have to get back to you tomorrow if that would be okay, and give it to you. I am extremely new to all of this as you probably can tell. My apologies for being a novice with all. Debby

I think it would be good to hang on to what U have got…possibly more wells to be drilled on your acreage. Congratulations on your small acreage. Mailbox money is nice every month.

After checking further I see where Matador has a new approved permit for the far Eastern part of Section 4. So they are still in the area.

Thank you so very much! This is exciting…You have been a great help and advisor. My compliments to you! Sincerely, Debby

Hi Debby! May I ask how you came by your interest? I’ve seen a number of my 3rd and 4th cousins pop up on here recently. I pray all are well! (a pun!). -Tony Larson

Tony Larson, Hello,It came about through an inheritance. Family.

Tony Larson, Also, may I ask why you inquired? Nice to meet you. Debby

Wondered if you were another cousin. A couple I had not been aware of recently reached out. I descend from John Griffin Allen’s 1909/11 interests. His other siblings holding interests were Robert and William.

Hi Tony Larson, I am sorry to say but I don’t believe I’m a cousin. I’m assuming that these wells are named after you. Nice! My father’s last name was Love, as well as my Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s. Grandmother’s maiden was Knight. Unless I dig out tons of paperwork, I cannot remember the rest. This is surely an experience with an inheritance and family I wish I had known back I the early 1900’s. I just don’t know much about it yet. Debby

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