Are shut-in wells posted on OCC website?

Just wondering how I will how I can find out if or when my wells are shut-in. Is it reported to OCC?

Not sure about the OCC having a list. The well records part of the OCC will have the plugging records listed. You will have to watch your check stubs for wells “falling off the check”. The tax site does have some shut in wells posted, but I have not always found the dates to be very accurate and they are usually about four-five months behind on posting. The shut ins may be a short time frame or they may be longer depending upon the prices, so folks will pretty much have to watch for themselves. Also a good time to check your lease and see what your shut in clause says and how much they have to pay you to shut in and whether you have to demand that payment and in what time frame.

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Thank you for the quick response. We have a shut-in clause that’s limited to 1 year. So, we will see. Again, appreciate your help.

Your checks will be the telling sign. If these wells are still shut in in a year, it won’t matter anyway. Operators, if needed, can & will use force majeur reasons for shutting in. This will override the lease provisions, in most cases.

Thanks Todd. I guess we have to appreciate the position of oil companies in this situation and if the law allows them to override lease provisions, so be it!

Ms. Barnes,

Do you have a link where I can look up well completions showing first production dates? Thank you!

There are two places to look.

The OK tax site gives an “active” date which is usually fairly close to the first sales date. First production is not the important date. Royalty payments are tied to sales dates. If the well is horizontal, I usually start with the bottom hole location first and then work up the hole if it is not listed there. The active date is usually posted before the production data by a couple of months. You can search by well name or location.

The other site is the OCC well records site which has the completion reports. They usually run about four-five months late. You can search by well name or surface location. The Completion report is Form 1002A.

Thank you very much. Can you tell me anything about the BP drilled well in 5-5N-1W? I believe in 2018 or 2019. I can’t seem to find anything like well name, spud date, and first production date, maybe it wasn’t even drilled, I’m not sure.

Charter Oak drilled the Oasis 1-8H from a surface location in sec 5, but it went south with no perforations in section 5. 2016

Autrey 5N 1W 51HX was spud in section 7 and went through section 5 and north into 32-6N-1W. First sales 2/16/19. Look up case 201807350 Order 702387 for the splits. 52.095935% for section 5 and 47.904065% for section 32. Sold to Limerock 9/12/19, so they will be the ones to contact for Division Orders and Payments.

Thank you very much!!

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