Are new leases necessary under this circumstance?

An old vertical well, drilled in the 1960's, is still producing oil and holding leases on only 80 acres of a section. The remainder of the section is leased up and a new horizontal well is drilled covering all 640 acres of the section. The old well continues to produce oil during the drilling of the new well, including 140 barrels 2 months after completion of the new well. Shortly thereafter the old well is plugged. Are the original leases covering the 80 acres still valid after the old well is plugged? Or should new leases be taken on the 80 acres? The property is in Oklahoma.

Same operator?


Did the operator of the well on 80 acres assign his interest or participate in the horizontal well?

A different operator drilled the new well. And I'm not sure but I would assume the old operator likely assigned his interest.

I don't think it likely they need to lease you again under the circumstances. The only exception I can think of off the top of my head would be if the vertical well operator didn't have the right to pool your "lands", presuming he did assign his interest in your minerals. I am also presuming you wouldn't be asking this if you were drillsite tract.

Thank you!