Are My Wells Producing?

I need help. I am trying to determine the production of two recent wells, API numbers 30-925-46976 and 30-025-46977 in Lea county NM. I can pull up statistics but do not understand the names for the numbers and do not see any production figures.

Hi Don, yes, these wells appear to be producing. See link for 46977: And for 46976:

Over 25000 barrels of oil in Feb 2021 and gas over 40000 MCF.

Thank you so very much Pete! I can see that now you have made it more clear. One other question, oil was first produced Nov16, 2020, yet no figures until Feb 2021. Is that normal times?

Hi Don, I would say that 3 months between first test production and first reported production is pretty typical.

Thank you again for clearing that up. To a novice like me it would seem excessive, so now I feel better. One more question: February production is published, but it has been a long time since that production, like what happened in March and April since this is May. Just knowledge of the timeline to be expected is all I need.

Also not abnormal for the posted production to be a month or two behind. I think the NM site references that there is a built in 45 day lag time on when the production forms are turned in.

That all is quite reassuring to know everything is proceeding as it should. Thanks again!

Typically, the Company has a month to report production to the State and it takes the State a month to make it available so February production would not be available until May.

I am unable to find the payment schedule of royalties for this company, Tap Rock. They have not answered and it has been producing since last year. Would be a big help to know when to expect a check.

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