Are Mineral Rights Auctions a Good Way to Sell?

I am trying to assist my brother in selling his mineral rights in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. He owns a small interest in various properties, some leased and producing, others, not leased. I’ve been contacting individual buyers, but I doubt this is the best way to get the highest price. I don’t have a point of reference for the market or what these interests might be worth. Does anyone have any experience with auction sites like US Minerals or The Mineral Auction?

I’m aware of the big sites like EnergyNet and Landgate, I’ve researched them in the past but opted to not go with them because either their commission was too high or the commitment time too long.

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Thanks, but my question is a general question related to mineral auction websites and is not state/county specific. It is a general mineral rights question.

Auction sites can be a good way to sell mineral interests. Otherwise, you are hoping to find somebody who is interested in Tract A, but they are only interested in Tract B.

As to Energynet, the commission may be a little higher, but their site gets the most traffic. More lookers/more traffic, the potential of the sale is higher. I know that many mineral sellers have had good luck on Mid-continent energy Exchange.

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I would check out EnergyDomain. There’s lots of flexibility regarding lockup time and there’s different ways to list, such as auction, buy it now pricing, etc… As a buyer, I’ve been impressed with their user interface and imagine sellers have good success there.

The guy who runs US Mineral Exchange does a good job IMO. I know the Energy Domain people and they seem competent. I think all of the sites will at a min give you an idea of what it is worth if you give them a list.

Energynet tries to do so much small deal traffic with their own internal sellers that its just about incomprehensible to me.