Are Division orders required in Texas

We have a new operator that bought out our lease that says they are not required by the state of Texas to send out Division orders . The other wells that were drilled by the original operator sent them out after production had started and before we were paid. My question is are they being honest? They sent out a check but I don't want to cash it if it will bind me into the figure (%) they came up with.

Thanks Rick

I think the answer is that you need to draft your own division order and present it to the new owner/s of the well. If you have a copy of the origal division order you received from the well and it was acceptable to you, I think you could use information from it on the division order you create. I recommend you go to page 3 of the forums and read "Are There Texas Oil Companies whose Division Orders are known to contradict the lease ". Look for one of the words in blue "here" , It links you to the code that governs the payment of the proceeds. You can Thank Buddy Cotten for it.