Are applications filed with occ public records?

I just pulled OCC to see what's on the dockets for next week and found that Devon is going back before the judge again September 25, 2012, Tues. It look like for the same matter that was already heard on the 7th. of August with an order signed by the judge on August 22, 2012 regarding "to vacate spacing/unit and vacate existing & establish new" in the section I'm in 22 19N 03W, Logan County.

The application listed for this hearing is the same application filed July 3, 2012, for the August 7, 2012 hearing and I'm wondering if there's anyway to take a look at the application filed with OCC to maybe get a little better idea on what they're doing?


I think there is a mistake on the cause number

Here is the application and the order in Logan Co Cause number 201204122

This has the cause number 201204122 listed in the Notice

I would think it should be tied to the unitization applications that are pending in Kay county for Chaparral. Cause numbers 201203768, 201204362, 201203768, and 201204362

Rick, Thank you for pulling all this up for me I really appreciate it!! So, what you think happened is that they somehow confused it with the wrong case number which, would make sense explaining why it appeared on the docket!

Thanks again!

That is what is looks like to me, Kaye. It looks like that last on has the wrong cause number on it.

Thank Rick! I think you're right! Thank goodness I have people like you who know what you're looking at to figure these things out or else I'd still be in a state of confusion! lol