Archibald PeischMR OWNER

Does anyone know if companies are drilling in Maclainn county Oklahoma I own rights there

Yes, parts of McClain are seeing activity. Depends upon the location.

Yes, Native Exploration has recently gotten approval for 3 multiunit wells by the OCC including the pooled lands in Sec 34 T08N, R04 and Sec. 3 T07N, R04W. This is currently pooled already for the multiunit well Charles 0334 #1. This has been a very good well, and obviously they want to fully develop the unit with higher prices. Last time I checked they have not permitted these wells yet, but expect them to any day now.

Thank You Ms. Barnes I last spoke to You in 2019 since then I have inherited all of the rights in Mclain County that belonged to My Mother…can You give Me any friendly advice on these? Thank You

Thank You Ralph is there a way to tell if they are drilling or getting ready to drill on My rights? Thank you

Remind me of the exact township, range and sections and I can look up the activity. If there is production, you will need to contact each operator to make the change in pay status.