Archaeological and Paleontological Materials Deed

Searching through deeds within the NDRIN, I come across a document that was listed as Archaelological and Paleontological Materials Deed.

Among the verbiage was this claim as: 100% interest in and to all archaeological and paleontological materials on or beneath the surface of the following described lands situated in ________ County, T/R/S.

I have never heard of this kind of deed before, and what purpose would it be for? Should more surface owners be concerned with this, and file the same sort of document on their lands?


Best guess, it sounds like someone who sold land in an area where dinosaur bones might be found. A complete T-Rex will fetch seven figures. So it wouldn't hurt to include this stipulation when selling land in Dino country... IF the buyer will allow it.

I agree with Eastern MT, but I also think that anywhere could be dino country.