Arch Oil and Gas RRC 029272 - Fifth Natural Resources

7S Oil and Gas RRC 954992 operated by William “Gilligan” Sewell and Kerri White, have been active on and around our Pecos County Texas ranch. 7S Oil and Gas has been indicted for fraud by the SEC and the State Securities Board. County records show that leases have been granted in some capacity to Fifth Natural Resources LLC out of Dallas, Texas. I see “Arch Oil and Gas RRC 029272” appearing on the lease and well signs previously marked as 7S Oil and Gas in my area. I would encourage anyone dealing with Arch Oil or Fifth Natural Resources to do their due diligence prior to entering any agreements. According to the “Deed of Trust, Security Agreement, Assignment of Production and Financing Statement” recorded in Pecos County Texas January 1, 2018 the leases are located in the following Texas counties: Winkler, Howard, Glasscock, Ward, Andrews, Tom Green, Ector, Reeves, Loving, Taylor, Pecos, Schleicher, Crane, Crockett, Dawson, Gains, Irion, Reagan, Sterling, Upton, Culberson, Lubbock, Hockley, and Garza.