Arapahoe/Douglas/Elbert/Weld counties Oil & Gas leasing

Petrovest Energy, LLC is a local broker that represents mineral owners who are considering leasing their minerals to oil and gas exploration companies. We have brokered deals on behalf of mineral owners with Chesapeake, Conoco-Phillips and others, both in Colorado and Texas. We also represent mineral owners who want to sell their mineral or royalty interests, and have good buyer connections who pay when they close. We are independent and not affiliated with any oil and gas exploration companies. In reading the discussions about Elbert and Douglas counties, and the Niobrara Shale discussion, we realize that some mineral owners who have already leased are dissatisfied with the results. While there are solutions to those situations which mineral owners can handle themselves, sometimes you need a good oil and gas lawyer and we have connections in that area as well. We think the best approach is to work with a knowledgeable broker when you are approached to lease your minerals. That way you usually avoid mistakes, get the best deal, and get the performance you expect. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact us.

Jeff Lavenhar

Petrovest Energy, LLC 700 Colorado Blvd #246, Denver, CO 80206