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What kind of activity are you guys seeing in Arapahoe. I heard there was seismic testing happening but not sure what is the latest with that. Any ideas of what bonuses are being offered? Hard to find info on Arapahoe. But it looks like they are starting to pay attention to us. I’m in the dark though.


Lario Oil has 4 permitted horizontal Niobrara wells in Arapahoe Co. They're the first in the play this far south.

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Have you heard anything about what bonuses and royalties are being offered these days?

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Seismic Trucks active in Arapahoe County.


I thank this forum for all the education received over the past year. I knew absolutely nothing about the gas & oil leasing industry. I listened and remained silent the entire time knowing there are many eyes watching. Found this industry very fascinating & was possessed to increase my knowledge which included a couple hours research every eveing after work. After ten months of negotiations we finally received $2,500.00 per mineral acre in early June. The terms are 4yr. primary, 2yr option at 125%, no charge, and includes a Pugh. We own about 5.5% of 1596 gross mineral acres, no surface, so the Pugh was very important. Could of elimanated the Pugh for a three year primary at the same rate. I can not express the importance of being patient, very patient. These contracts could affect your lifestyle for many years and your heirs. Educate yourself, review county mineral records, locate your neighbors & speak with them. Review county mineral lease contracts & contact all agents interested in your area. Do not be afraid of being forced pooled, unless you are being totally unreasonable and not willing to negotate. Oil companys don’t want that type of exposure to the media plus the time and cost of court proceedings. We had negotiations with Anadarko, Conoco, GFL, and Chesapeake. We signed with GFL, dealing directly with Gene Lang which was a pleasure and received payment within three weeks after signing. We received offers from $25.00 to $2,500.00 over the ten months. Hired attorney Tom Kimmell to review and make amendments to our contract, I thank him for a great job.

Conocophillips buys up leases in Arapahoe. For those that have acres in this deal, how will this affect drilling, etc? Any thoughts? Good or bad?

Conoco Phillips, as I understand, is a very conservative oil company and one of the top three in US. Yes, they did purchase 46K net acres with 90% of the acres located in Arapahoe Co. They got off to a very late start in the lease program in DJ Basin, although they did purchase many leases in Elbert Co. as of late. I believe there has been some very positive results in seismic for them to become interested. Conoco is one of the leaders in horizontal drilling and their safety record speaks for itself. They have the funding to drill many horizonal wells at one time, which seperates them from the smaller oil companys. This is great news. I hope our minerals were part of the 90%, only time will tell.

I have been approached to sign a lease on 13 acres of mineral rights (do not have surface ownership) in Arapahoe County. I am completely blind as far as any knowledge (other than going online and looking at the Forum's comments,etc. I have a lease but am not knowledgeable enough to figure out the do's and don'ts. Could sure use some help as regards the various items - Pugh, Shut-ins, royalties, bonus, etc. Anyone out there who can lend a hand. I realize I only have 13 acres, however, they contacted me and they seem very anxious for me to complete the lease. Example: The Landman was supposed to meet me on Saturday, instead he calls from his vehicle near Castle Rock and wanted to let me know that he is coming to see me with the lease. I have the lease but haven't signed it yet. HELP!!!!!

Are there any others who have oil & gas acreage in Arapahoe County?? As indicated below I have 13 acres and would very much like to hear from others who have acreage in Township 4 South, Range 60 West, 6 Principal Meridian in Section 22. Anyone with lease knowledge, I would sure appreciate hearing from you!!!

I don't live in Arapahoe county but, I do have mineral rights. What is the best way to solicit offers on oil & gas rights. Is this Gene Lang approachable and if so, I hope he reads these comments.

Negotations with Mason Dixon Energy were terminated because they were not willing to negotiate their completed contract. It was a take it or leave it proposition. Well, as I have heard here and elsewhere, be patient and wait it out. That is what I think I will do. I understood that there were 7 members to the Arapahoe County Group, yet they sure don't seem to want to get involved.


Please get yourself a Lawyer that is familiar with oil and gas and this area and what is going on around Arapahoe at the moment. There are all sorts of considerations taken in these leases and I am not an expert. But a lawyer will be able to help you. Sorry to say, I do not know any in that area either. You might just need to make some calls and ask around. Sorry I don't have more info. Good luck!

Anadarko applied for permits sec 9 4S 64W, sec 24 5S 65 W, sec 15 5S 65W, and sec 30 4S 64W within the last couple days, although sec 30 4S 64W was withdrawn for some reason. Seems to be alot of interest from big time players.

Anadarko’ well Sec 24 5S 65W may be the first horizonal spud in Arapahoe Co. dated on 8/25/2011. API 05-005-07167. I imagine alot riding on these results, data is confidential until 3/21/2012.

This is not a comment in reference to a posting. It is an idea! I was just thinking. Why don't we organize an auction of our oil rights (mineral rights with or without surface rights. If we were to organize and present our lease information (including acknowleding that we have the deeds) through an auction venue and invite Landmen and Oil Companies to bid on our properties, then we would be assured of receiving the most fair price (providing we could all agree on a standardized lease, so that all information would be the same for each contract) whether it be bonus at signing, royalties, terms of initial lease and extensions, etc. I would be interested in hearing comments regarding these thoughts!

i am in 5s 63w sec32 sismic crew marking gates and access to neighbors and ower property today do not know anything else we have been under lease for allmost 2 years. anyone eles in this area

Mark. Who is your lease with? I think Conoco just filed for surface use on one of those sections…according to county clerk.

Anadarko's well Sec 24 5S 65W (State of CO) Lowry Bombing Range IP results released showed 200BOE/day the first 30 days and then dropped to 127 BOE/day by the end of 90 days. Encouraging news but not exactley a barnburner.