Appraisal Increase

I received a Tentative Notice of Increase in Appraisal from WV State Tax Department for mineral interest in Doddridge County. The appraised property value for 2018 increased almost 500% over 2017. I have no idea why there would be such a large increase. Has anyone else received similar notice?


I suggest you call the WV Auditor's Office for an explanation of increase, such a large increase would imply a horizontal leg traverses your parcel. In the past, the WV Auditor's Office has been extremely helpful in discovering reporting errors or wells you may not know of. The main office telephone number is 304 558-2251

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Thank you, WVMO. The notice indicates inquiries can be made to the Property Tax Special Properties Section at 304-558-0781. I'll probably start there and see where it leads.

We received a Notice of Increase in Appraisal which is almost exactly the amount of royalty we were paid in 2016 on a new well. So they are going to get their cut. The bigger question will be if the appraisal goes down for 2019 to match the much reduced amount we were paid in 2017.


Traditionally taxes will be adjusted for the decrease in production / royalties, however you will not receive a notification of the reduction, as you did with the increase. I strongly urge people to create a spreadsheet to track taxes in relation to production, if there is a significant difference, you can appeal the tax liability. (Successfully appeal, I should add.)

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Good advice WV Mineral Owner. I had not thought of that.

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How do they determine the valuation on the tax ticket? Where would I find the rules and deadlines for appealing?

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You probably should start by asking the Doddridge Assessor's office for both questions.

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The mineral valuation is listed on the tax ticket. If you provide me with the tax parcel ID, I can find the information for you, via the Doddridge County tax site and other sites that I subscribe to.