Appraisal District Records Search for County Property Descriptions


In my pursuit of collecting, documenting, and trying to locate where my grandfather purchased mineral interests in the state of Texas, I have had the hardest time taking property information from a deed and translating it into a mapped out location within a County.

I was recently recommended that I check the Appraisal District Records... since if a property has been declared for ownership, then there will be taxes paid on the property, with interest and survey information included.

Now, I've located two seemingly viable resources for looking this information up. The County Appraisal District website, and Blackbeard Data. However when searching for the Tax information claimed by one of the Trusts for whom a decent size of interests we own are portions of SouthCentral Texas, I'm not coming up with anything.

Any tips or pointers that may be of assistance with running a tax search for a property rights owning Trust, or Leasing agency online would be of great appreciate by me, as I am a bit stumped (which isn't to say I won't figure it out ;)).

The company I am looking for the Taxroll of Properties is Red Crest Trust, and the County is Karnes... the County forum for which I have double posted this Entry...

I look forward to anyone's response, and as always can't express enough my appreciation for everyone's assistance.
Mathew Love

The Red Crest Trust is kind of a mess depending on where your interest lays. I too am involved in this as I bought an interest years ago that originated the same way. Sorry but I just joined this county. I can give you some pointers but a phone call or email string would be better., 361.215.0308. I'm a little out of pocket Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Hey James, I'm sorry that this is so late in response. I had an accident, and I'm just now recovered to the point that I'm ready to hit this project head on. I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to speak to you. I'm just beginning to re-establish my grasp on the three years of work I put into this so I would like to send you an email and set up a time to talk over the phone on Monday. If I don't see a response by then I will send contact the provided email.