Appears 1 cousin got everyone’s royalties by mistake?

25 years ago my uncle had power of attorney for my grandmother when she became ill so he had oil checks sent to him. My grandmother’s attorney notified him when she died that he was to have oil royalties returned to her estate. Now in looking up on we see that my uncle’s only child has mineral ownership I. 219 wells in Harrison county where my siblings and I each have 10. My uncle nor cousin never bought minerals on their own and could have only been obtained thru inheritance. Assuming we cannot get any of the past 25 years of royalties but will it be difficult to get this straightedges out by providing legal docs to oil companies to proof inheritance?

Visit with a Texas attorney. See directory

The attorney will need copies of the will and probate records for your grandmother’s estate to see who inherited what percentages of the minerals under her will. Was probate order filed in Harrison County? This should have named the beneficiaries. You will have to research the title records to determine whether there was an assignment of minerals from your grandmother to your uncle before her death. Are there any mineral assignments in the deed records from other owners (family or unrelated persons) to your uncle or to your cousin (or cousin’s spouse)? Could they have inherited from other more distant relatives? You need an attorney to help you clean up any missing deeds in the chain of title. Once title is clear, then you take the records with the chain of title to the oil company. If it turns out that there is a substantial royalties due to you and other beneficiaries and which were paid to your cousin in error, your recovery may be from the oil company or you may be able to sue the cousin. Your attorney can advise you on this.