Apollo 48, Culberson County


I’m wondering if anyone else has sold their rights recently. I have an offer of 74k for just over 10 acres. They say they are closing on other properties in the area. Also, does anyone here have insight on how to negotiate the offer?



It would be helpful to know exactly where your 10 acres are located. Block, section, etc.

Right now, there are a lot of very high offers for mineral rights in northeast Culberson County. I would say hang on to your minerals until you have more information.


That’s very low if you are considering a sale. I doubt they are closing many other sales in the area at that price.

The land is in Section 48, Blk 59, T1 & Sec 1, Blk 59, T2. Located close to Orla, TX.

The offers in the Northeast corner are 4 times greater than your offer. I would highly recommend hiring a landman to do some proper research, it will be well worth your efforts!

I have minerals under the Apollo 48 as well and have received a lot larger offers than that! Don’t sell, the well beside the Apollo 48 has done 980,000 barrels in 2 years!

Maggie, are you being paid royalties on the currently producing horizontal gas well? It looks like Robert and Shannon Curry recently sold their interests to Maven, and they’re listed on the tax roll for producing mineral rights. However, that is the mention of “Curry” in the Culberson tax records.

I’m currently working with Cimarex to get my past gas royalties released to me. They held them due to a bad address. Is it public information of what the other owners named Curry sold their rights for?

Wow! That’s good to know!

Do you have a recommendation for a landman? Everyone I’ve spoke with seems interested in making the lowest offer rather than just providing an actual value assessment.

It’s not public information, unfortunately. All it shows is they sold the rights. Cimarex showed a bad address for Shannon and Robert too, but they were still listed on the tax roll. Any idea why your name wasn’t? Perhaps the person you inherited the minerals from is listed, do you know who that may be?

There are a ton of land companies out there.

It was under joint ownership with my ex husband under a different last name. It’s being resolved now. Thank you for the link!

I do not at this time. I am actually going to go in partnership with an investor and we will be doing a good amount of research as a team effort in the months to come. The offers in the area have climbed extremely over the last couple years, and I am not sure if they have topped out even yet. Do not sell!!! If you must have some upfront cash now, then sell a small portion, but numbers as much as 30,000 plus per net mineral acre are possible in many circumstances in the northeast corner of Culberson County.