Apache lease expired - Blk 13 Ruiz Sec 300 - Blk 13 Sec 129


Apache didn’t execute 2 year option on my oil and gas lease. If anyone has recently leased around these tracts I would greatly appreciate the info. Thank you!!

Blk 13 Sec 300 P Ruiz 116 acs Blk 13 Sec 129 40 acs


Curios about that myself. I have interest in Blk 13 Sec. 120. My lease with Apache does not expire for 2 more years.


Apache is letting all leases expire in the area of Section 300 P Ruiz Block 13. They said in time they may come back and lease the area again, but for now they are developing other areas so they are letting the leases go in this area. Just wanted to share that with other mineral owners in the area.


How far into this area? We are section 74 block 13 in Reeves County


I don’t how far it will extend. I know that the leases for all of Sections 300 and 301 will expire the end of January so that will be a huge area unleased.


Vicki, I own minerals only in Section 59 Block 13 right next to you and Apache just exercised their 2 year option on my minerals. I’m not sure what to make of that situation, them not keeping yours.

I also have surface and minerals in Section 15 Block 59 that has gone unleased since June of 2017. (137 acres) I cannot figure that out either.


FYI for everyone near the section 59 or section 300 of block 13. Apachie exercised their 2 year option on my 103 acres in section 59 Block 13 with intention of drilling first quarter of 2019 but was not interested in anything east of block 59. Very g g