Apache has found an investor for their midstream system


Apache Partners With Kayne Anderson for $3.5B Midstream Firm.



Notice that the new joint venture corporation, Altus, is DEBT FREE with 3.5 Billion$ in its piggy bank. Apache is hedging all their investments in the Delaware on a macro scale just like Clayton Williams did by selling all his holdings for 7.5 Billion$ and positioning himself to buy up new drill leases in Culberson and Hudspeth counties with cash reserves to buy up everything else for 1 cent on the dollar when/if the oil/gas industry has an economic crash like happened in 1986. Apache plans to survive any such crash. This is a shrewd move on Apache’s part…and you can bet the other majors are taking notice.

Good article…thanks for posting it, Wade!

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen