Apache Announces 300,000 Acre Position in Daniels County

Apache announced June 14th it has secured leases on 300,000 acres in the county

Check out the screen shot I've attached.

2809-ApacheWillistonBasinAcreage.png (171 KB)

Wow, interesting times. Does anyone know what Apache is offering/acre to lease?

Shale is leasing on Apache's behalf.

Hey....Yes...this is true...AWESOME!!! I posted this on the site elsewhere. I kind of summarizes my experiences with Shale...I actually went to Scobey as I had never been there.

Alright guys....It's legitimate. I said on that last post that I was going to call Sam Tallis and Sid Greehey. I did call them and left messages for both. Once I did not hear from them, I started to get concerned. However, a few days later both text me and said they would contact me soon. I left it at that, but was honestly a little concerned. If you've read my posts, I have always been more concerned with getting my minerals drilled and leasing to the most legitimate operation out there. I went to Scobey, checked out Shale Exploration's operations and asked around. It appeared to me that they were the real deal and the only legitimate company out there. The other companies leasing wanted to meet you at the local bars and didn't have an office or appear to have any backing. I even got the chance to meet with the two gentlemen at the helm of Shale Exploration- Sid Greehey and Sam Tallis. They took me to dinner at the Silver Slipper (great chicken dinner, seriously- "The Slipper Chicken") I have been on the verge of signing with them for some time because not only did I discover that Mr. Tallis and Mr. Greehey have their own backing (you can look it up), but they kept telling me a big company was going to be the driller. Then, I got a call yesterday from both Tallis and Greehey on the same line. They said that the big company they had been talking about had announced at an investors conference their intentions to drill in Daniels County and that they had leased 300,000 acres- APACHE CORPORATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! They told me that this is the story.

Shale Exploration put together the Daniels County prospect and in the early part of 2012 realized that the prospect was too big to operate (drill) to its full capacity. They said they needed a major oil and gas company to drill all the acreage they had acquired. Apache approached Shale in February 2012 and after a month of negotiating, Apache became the operating company. I asked if that meant that Shale is a lease flipper and they said no because it is Shale Exploration's prospect and they remain the exclusive leasing agency for the Daniels County prospect. Apache is the driller / operator and has an ongoing contractual relationship with Shale Exploration who is the exclusive leasing company for Apache in Daniels County. This means that if you want Apache to drill your minerals, you have to lease with Shale Exploration. Having heard this and looked up Apache Corporation, I am calling Shale tomorrow to send me another lease packet (I've written on mine, etc...) Tallis and Greehey said that wouldn't be a problem.

How unbelievably awesome this is. Look up Apache....This is exciting my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's oil in them there rolling hills!!!!!

So Ted Rothstein, how many mineral rights acres do you have around Scobey?