Anything happening in S26-1S-4W

Any info in this area would be great. Im new to this. Own surface and mineral. Last I heard they spud well. Thank you

These are some very useful sites so you can track information for free.

Pending OCC cases at the following link:

Actual cases if you have the case numbers:

Docket proceedings:

Well activity:

Production: Gross Production

The well activity and production sites usually run about four months behind in posting, but are the best ways to find out about a well. If you type in SUNDANCE in the Leasename box in the production site, you will find all wells with the name Sundance. Sundance Kid is near the bottom. The well became active in July, 2021. That means that sales began, but you will not see the actual numbers for a few more months. I usually estimate that a division order will come out about five months after the “active” date. I usually get paid about six months or so after the “active” date.

I am apart

of Sundance wells and a few others hope ttthisisgood

Monkey- It is better than good.

Thanks Todd I posted something in Garven co here also has a bonus been offered it will that be later with division papers figured we would have gotten somthing of a bonus offer like we had gotten before ??

I called camino and they said they had to talk to a land man to differ it out on the sundancekid well

Thanks again for yall great help I am trying to find or figure out my owners number to do with the Sundance kid well thru camino

The decimal amount that will show up on your division order will be calculated from the following equation.

net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x percentage of perforations in your spacing unit.

For Example: 10 acres at 3/16ths royalty and 50% of the well perforations in a section that is 640 acres and spaced at 640 acres. 10/640 x .1875 x .50=.015625 x .1875 x .50=.00146484

Ask Camino what net acres and what royalty they are carrying for you. When the wellbore survey is run when the well is finished, the operator will know what percentage will be in each section. They planned for 50/50, but it rarely turns out to be exactly that.

This is the proposed well path.

There will be a final one released soon. The well was active as of July 2, 2021 so you will probably get more information in late November or December.

Gross Production You can watch the production numbers at this site.

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