Anyone Used ?

Has anyone used

I've contacted them about hiring a landman for running a title runsheet for some mineral rights in Sandoval County NM (330 acres that I and four others own). Originally, they said a professional landman would run between $2-3K to drive up to the county clerk's office for a title runsheet and then a lawyer would charge about $500-750 for a stipulation of interest, to update the records, which I know are way out of date.

Since starting discussion with them, they have been able to find another source for the title runsheet, and thus quoted me $1,000 for both a title runsheet and for a lawyer to file a stipulation of interest. My first reaction, is that sounds about what I expected to pay.

None of the owners of these mineral rights live in NM, so we can't drive up to the county clerk's office to view the records ourselves, nor do we have confidence we would know what to look for if we could.

The easy way!

Call the county clerk in that county and ask if any landmen are in there working. With luck, there will be some.

Just ask her if you could speak to one. There will, likely, be one in there running title. If not that day, another day. So, keep calling until you hit "pay dirt." That will get you started.

Good luck,