Anyone receiving offers to sell?

I have an offer of $1200 an acre to sell some minerals under old dwindling production. ($19 a month roy). Anyone else receiving offers?

Last summer I received an offer of $1750 for minerals in 21N-14W. Horizontal drilling is showing some increase in Major County. Twenty-five Intent to Drill's have been filed in the last 6 months. If Major County is even half as good as areas to the east offers will become much higher.

I've seen offers around $1500-2000

section township range????

how many of these intents have been drilled???

I too, have been offered $1000 / acre at 3/16th - whatever that means.

I'm new to this folks so pardon my ignorance. My great grandfather passed this down - now to me. Located in 4 21N 13E. Crawley is the operator but I can't get a lot of data from them. Supposedly we have rights to 4 or 5 wells. How do I determine: Who the heck also has interests in these wells? Are they producing? What kind of royalty SHOULD we be getting? The last time we had a check (to my late Dad), was about $14 for the QUARTER !

I want to determine if I should sell this off or not.


Message me when you can.