Anyone received Division Orders from Chevron for in Eddy County NM

We are inquiring to know if anyone has received Division Orders from Chevron on S-15-T-23s R-28e in Eddy County, New Mexico yet?

Hello Lee, Are you inquiring about the Chevron Wells completed in 2020 in Sections 15 and 22 ? CB NE 15 22 002 #001H CB NE 15 22 002 #002H CB NE 15 22 002 #003H

These Division order were sent out at the beginning of September or end of August and payed out the first check at the end of September. This was for May, June, July, August 2020 production.

It seems that Chevron started paying on the new horizontal wells and turned around and transferred operatorship of the 30 year old Vertical wells they owned in Sections 10, 15, and 22 to BTA Oil producers.

Hi CMC15. Thank you for responding. Yes, the 3 H Wells in Sections 15 and 22 just as you have stated are the ones we are inquiring about whether the Division Order have been sent. We haven’t heard anything from Chevron but I called them yesterday and talked with the Royalties and Disbursement office and the a man there who was going to email a Land man in Eddy County who handles Division Orders for Chevron there.

As mentioned we did receive the Division Order from BTA Oil Producers for the Seibert 1 vertical well on Section 15 T-23s R-28E. Thank you for sharing about the history of how Ram energy increased production and the possibilities of future production on older wells.

In trying to understand the Division Orders, will we receive one for each of the three well in the eastern half of Section 15 and the eastern half 22??

Is it appropriate to correspond by phone with you. I have so many questions in trying to understand what you and others are so versed in regarding mineral rights and procedures with Oil Companies. It is nice to be able to visit with someone who has mineral interest in the same pool.