Anyone lose their mineral interests due to the Marketable Title Act?

I posted about this in Belmont County, but no response, I’m hoping for some feedback in this category. I have interest in 3 wellheads in Belmont County, Ohio with Ascent Resources. The wells just started to produce/ the told me first royalty check in September or October . No check. emailed land man and was told the Marketable Title Act transferred my ownership to the surface land owner, Ohio River Collieries Company because my rights were in a deed over 40 years old. I think I understand that correctly. Has anyone else had their mineral rights transferred without consent to the surface land owner? Anyinformation is much appreciated. I am not getting any callbacks or replies from other sources yet. Not sleeping very well, very upset they can do this…5 years of expectations then within weeks of 3 wellheads producing, poof…gone.

Ohio is one of several states that have a dormant minerals act. Not sure what your statute says, but in some of the other states, the mineral owner must claim the minerals every so often to keep them. Other states automatically revert after a certain number of years. Read your statute and see if you have an option to claim.

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