Anyone leasing in Niborara?

Curious to see if there is any activity

I myself am curious, as I would like to sell several hundred acres. Is anyone evening buying in the county?

You would need to be more specific with your location in order to get a better answer. Parts of the Niobrara are active. Some are not.

I recived a rather low offer to lease in niobrara. T38R66W 6thpm. The offer was 50 per nma. With a 5yr and a 3 yr option. I have never gone this low before and am not inclinded to do so . as the last time i leased this land. I got 270 per on a 4 yr with a 2 yr . anyone know what the going average is up there right now as i would like to give a fare counter offer back .

Iā€™m in the same boat as you. I got basically that same offer.

5/3yr 15% $50 acre

My last oil lease with Chesapeake was:

3/2yr 18.5% $300 per acre

I gave them the same lease terms it was last lease for . and the market is pretty much the same so will see what happens

I countered with:

3/2 yr 20% with bonus the same.

Also included:

Protection from injury liability. $1 per foot of water well. Removed sharing of production costs. And more.

How did all this go for you? Being approached by landman (Jason A.) with a similar low offer to yours. The operator is Robert L. Bayless. Wondering if that was who you dealing with.

Still awaiting their response.

Has anyone been approached by Kaiser Francis this month to sign a lease for T33NR67W6thPM sections 22 and 23? If so do you know what the going rate is for 5/2019?

No contact regarding my acreage in township T36R36W.

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