Anyone Leased with Extraction (Aztec)?


Anyone have a lease with Extraction/Aztec? If so , how do you contact them? They dont answer phones, all automated,don’t return calls or answer emails! It took for ever to even get a copy of the lease. I would really like to talk with a live person when I call. Short of driving to Denver and taking a chance somebody would be in the office, i am past frustrated. I have already called ALL of the numbers I have been given and sent emails to the email addresses I have been given. 90 days with no response is ridiculous! Im seriously regretting signing with them…any helpful information much appreciated. Thank you! (Are the wells producing in Lasalle area?)


Sorry to hear that Linda. I don’t know what you can do if they don’t respond. Maybe Bonnie Lamond at 720-557-8300 will respond by forwarding it on to the right person if you give your name and well location. If that doesn’t help you might try to get their interest by contacting the Colorado Gas and Oil Commission and complaining.


are you trying to see why you’re not getting checks? or what are you contacting them for?


Did your lease agreement give them a time frame to pay you? Usually I see OG companies needing roughly 30 days to finalize title and issue payment. 90 days is a long time to wait while they hold your executed lease hostage. Sorry for that. You may be able to lease with another company and sign an Affidavit of Non-Payment of bonus. That is if the other company is willing to take the risk Extraction won’t try and send the payment and then record the lease.

Courtney Landman