Anyone know what the acre buy rate is Sec29?

Anyone know what the acre buy/sell rate is in Hughes Co, Sec29?

29-8N-11E to be exact

Michael R Mathias Jr., I have been offered $2700.00 pnm acre to sell outright. …all offers DECLINED. No one seems to want to lease. All offers the last 2 years are to purchase. There appears to be a ‘doubling down’ …too too anxious to purchase outright… That is a “RED FLAG” for me… Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country)

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Michael, One more thing: My minerals are S21/07N/10E Hughes County, OK. Leta C.

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Hi Leta, Are you saying you were offered $2700 for your surface or your minerals? Sorry for the confusion on my part. Thank you

Toni Hilton, to answer your question: I was offered $2700 for my minerals pnm acre-----to buy outright. Offers of late have ‘NO’ interest in leasing-----only buy outright. This for me is a signal that my minerals (WOODFORD FORMATION) have significant value. Four new wells on DORA (Well name) have recently been drilled. Dora 4 & 5 have had had ‘first sales’ in late 2018 and I am awaiting------“patiently”-----I think, :slight_smile: for my D.O. (DIVISION ORDER). I just wrote TRINITY (Operator) this a…m inquiring for more substantive info. on the status of my D.O. Allegedly Trinity is awaiting the TITLE OPINION…Leta C. MONTANA (BIG SKY AND GRIZZLY BEAR COUNTRY).

Thank you Leta. I really appreciate it