Anyone know of activity in 01S-06W

Has anyone heard of activity in 01S-06W? I have been getting offers in the mail so I assume that something is ramping up. I own acreages in sections 8 and 34. Have had them for years and never seen a dime. Maybe they are due for some action.

We can always hope right?

I see lots of leasing in 1,2,3,10,12,16,and 32 in the last 999 days. No OCC cases filed yet.

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Hi Martha-

Do you know who has been leasing that area? I have several acres open in sections 8 and 34.

Thank you-


Continental Resources, Echo Operating, HLR Oil & Gas, DT Resources LLC have been leasing mostly in 1, 12, 16, & 32. The western half of the township is not as favorable geology.