Anyone know about activity in 16-14N-9W and 20-14N-9W?

We've received a lot of offers to buy our interests in Canadian County this year. The latest was for sections 16 & 20 of 14N-9W. Thanks in advance for any info.

16 just had a pooling by Devon, so if you weren't leased, you should have received notices and an election. That means a new well is coming.
RED SQUARE-16-14N-9W 1H is the new well-late 2016. Just posted as completed. (They want your royalties, don't give it to them.)

20 is held by Cimarex. They filed for a new horizontal in later 2016, so additional drilling there. You can track the wells in your section on the OCC website for free. Keep in mind that you might have to hunt for the surface locations one section north or one section south as sometimes they do not spud in your section. SIMS 1H-2017X new well in late 2016 2014N09W put in the location box as you need a leading zero on the 9.

You are in a favorable area of Canadian county for quite a few additional wells. I ask myself why would anyone offer to buy my minerals? They must think they will make a profit and I would rather have that profit for myself. You might want to look up the most recent investor presentations from Devon, Cimarex, Newfield, etc. to see their maps and plans. This area is HOT! I would not sell.