Anyone heard of Dutton Resources LLC?

My mother passed in 2020 and left mineral rights in a trust for us. The majority are in Caddo County and are already leased. There is a area Section 33 Township 9 North , Range 9 West, that we were just offered a lease for. I am not real happy with what the company is offering. Yet I can not find anything about them anywhere except a P.O. Box number.

Just curious if anyone else has had dealings with Dutton Resources LLC?

Bizapedia says they have been in business since 9/24/2021.

No new leases have been filed in 9N-9W in the last year, but Caddo is starting to get a bit more interest in some places. Kirkpatrick Oil & Gas just had an increased density approved in Sec 32 for another well in the Marchand reservoir, so that might be why you are getting an offer to lease. Kirkpatrick is the operator for several wells in 33 already. What quarter section are your acres in? Offers are not especially high in Caddo. It would be a good idea to have an oil and gas attorney review any draft lease to make sure it ends up more in your favor.

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Where in Sec 32 has Kirkpatrick an interest

Kirkpatrick has been deemed the operator for all of 32. They just filed a new permit for the Tate 2-32 (23237) (SE NE4) and it just spud. They currently operate Torpedo 1-32 (NW4) and Tate 1-32 NE4).

In section 33, Kirkpatrick operates Galley 1-33 (SE4), Novotny 1-33(SE4 SW4) and Novotny 2-33 (NW4 SW4). Wells are marked in yellow on the map. The uncolored wells are not producing.