Anyone hear of Ameredev?


I got a really unusual letter from these guys Friday saying they'd acquired the interest we'd leased in Ward County and wanted copies of the lease paperwork. Needless to say, I'm not going to do anything until I talk to the Company that I leased to but I was just wondering if anyone else had gotten the same thing. This is over and beyond the normal "I want to purchase your minerals" letters I get every week or so.

Anyone else hear from them?

Yes. I believe they bought some Arrington production.

M.R. That company acquired leases from Arrington Oil, possibly others. Our lease was with Arrington. We have had a few conversations with them and we are pleased with what we have learned. They have a very experienced team, good capital reserves, and are very familiar with development in that area. I would think they would already have a copy of your lease but things do get lost in the shuffle. As you probably know they are bound by the lease that you signed with the original operator. I think you should just contact them and go from there. We received the same letter several months ago and we are now receiving royalty payments from them. Feel free to contact me on this if you would like. T.F.

New Private Equity group with good funding (via EnCap) and very experienced management team.

Sure enough, thanks for the info. I talked with my land man at Arrington, and they sold off our lease to Ameredev. Looks like they are having problems transferring the physical paperwork from point A to point B, or I might not have heard about the sale for quite a while. Guess no-one was going to let us in on it.