Anyone have knowledge of this company?

Herv Oil has been communicating with me. Are they reputable?

I have heard of them. As for if they typically offer a reasonable amount, couldn’t tell ya. Let us know what they offer and maybe someone can give some insight.

Hello. Offer is $750/nma for 35-29N-14W and as follows: 35-28N-14W is fully developed and we can only offer on a cash flow basis. I believe Joe extended an offer a few months ago of $4,750.00 total if you are leased at a 1/8th royalty (or $7,125.00 if leased at 3/16th). Says that sec 25-28N14W is fully played out. Thanks for your input.

Not a reputable company.

Really thanks for the information.

Andrewl00 What was your experience with them? My siblings and I sold them an interest we inherited in Hughes county and were pleased with how things went. I can’t speak to your situation, but they had the highest offer for our property at the time.