Anyone have information on Carlisle Court LLC?

Hi All!

I’m just doing some due diligence on this offer we received from Carlisle Court, LLC. I have looked everywhere for information on them, and the only thing I could find was an LLC filing from 2017 and a property sale in 2020 for $550,000. My suspicious spidey sense is tingling, so I figured I’d see if anyone had any information on them at all or maybe a better resource to search for them as a company. I searched on Dun & Bradstreet, the Oklahoma Gvt page, and a website called Shalexp.


Use the magnifying glass at the top right. Type in Carlisle Court and there is a whole stream regarding them.

Thanks for the reply! I’m actually looking for more solid information on the company…a phone number, address, business listing, state where they operate, etc. Right now all we have is a P.O. Box and the cell number of Valarie Mongaras, who I tracked down to Fenlaw Land Company…however Fenlaw Land Company also seems to be defunct, and their website is now a Malware link (fair warning, don’t go there!). I’m just trying to find some verifiable information that this company is actually a company. Do you know of any other resources that should list them if they are an actual oil or gas company?

Thanks for your help!

If they are that hard to find, I would not personally deal with them. I usually look up companies on Bizapedia. They are listed as inactive there.

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Perfect…thank you for the information Martha!

Just thought I’d wrap this thread up in case anybody comes across it searching for this company. My sister and I sent an email addressing our concerns with some of the lease clauses and requesting information on the company. We received a very quick response that the company was no longer interested in leasing the section…even though they had taken a signed lease agreement from our father (who didn’t bother to read the lease, smh). Overall, I find this pretty suspect behavior and have STILL not found any information on Carlisle Court. If anything finds something to add in the way of information on this company or experience with them, please add it. Thanks to everyone for their help!