Anyone have experience with Sullivan Land Resources?

Has anyone had any experience with leasing from Sullivan Land Resources. I have been approached for leases in Slope and Hettinger and I’m wondering if anyone has any experiences with this company that they could share.

I am in the process of leasing thro them. So far so good. I’m dealing with Paul Vinyard and he has been nice to work out some things that were bothering me. My lease is in Stark co.

HI Ms. Witman Sullivan Land Resources is out of OK City, OK right? This company helped lease our minerals in Texas on behalf of Chesapeake Energy - their client. Make sure you know who their client is - which they don’t want to divulge as they acquire land for a play.

Best of Luck!


Hi Ms. Witman,

I have been approached by Sullivan with a lease offer for 3 years, but have not signed. I have worked with Bill Klintworth, and he seems pleasant and helpful. He was willing to strike out paragraph 15, the title warranty clause. Also paragraph 16 dealing with Sullivan's option to extend the lease for 3 more years bothers me. Tried to find out the client, but Klintworth would not divulge - said that it is a large, well-known company, and knowing its identity would cause too much publicity. Hmmmm! Intend to have a ND oil lease attorney advise me prior to any decision to sign. Would advise you to do the same. Good luck to all of us!