Anyone have experience with Shale Technology Co?


Within the past few months, my family have been getting all sorts of offers on our mineral rights; by far the largest is from Shale Technology Company. I’m curious as to whether anyone is familiar with this company, and what you could tell/advise me. Also, does anyone have a copy of Mineral Rights for Dummies :smile:


Any time I have gotten a whole bunch of offers on my mineral rights, I know someone knows something that I do not know and they want to make money off of me. So I hold on while I get informed. Read everything you can on the forum about your county. For new folks, read the Mineral Help tab above. Read the local paper for your area. Go online and look up the operator presentations for the companies drilling in the area. Do not be in a rush to sell. You may (or may not) make more money by leasing and getting royalties. NARO (National Association of Royalty owners) has a nice little book on their website titled “Look Before you Lease” by Bill Stafford I think. I found it on Amazon. A bit out of date, but has good explanations of the terms and what you need to know. Get help on the lease if it comes to that. The first one plopped in front of you is not usually in the mineral owner’s favor and needs some negotiation. Ask TONS of questions.


Same here A lot of offers means they know something that I don’t. Usually offers are way below what they are willing to pay. But, I still think it’s better to lease. Lawrence wrote on this forum that lease prices per nma could go as high as 50K within a few years. Too much exploration to be done. If we have reserves that rival Saudi Arabia, why sell. But, the best advice is to use an oil and gas attorney for all leases and sales. I usually negotiate the Bonus and 25% royalty with an interested party. Then let the attorney negotiate the terms and any amendments.